Across The Universe: Captain Janway’s Introduction to Prodigy, New Mission For Lower Decks & More

As production continues in the expanded Star Trek Universe, Across The Universe is rounding up the more insightful news from the past month as we find out more about Kate Mulgrew's involvement in Prodigy; Mike McMahon gives a little more details on Lower Decks and more as Discovery and Strange New Worlds continue production in Canada!

Weekly Round Up: Filming News for Picard & Discovery, Anson Mount Talks SNW and LeVar Burton gets a new job!

With Star Trek running at full warp with several shows in production and more incoming, we take a look back at the news lighlights from Across The Universe! Including Q Cameo's, Anson Mount's view on Strange New Worlds and more!

Back On Course: Paramount Sets a Date for the next Trek movie!

On the red carpets of Star Trek Beyond, JJ Abrams confirmed that a fourth Star Trek movie from the Kelvin Timeline crew was in the works. Following a critically acclaimed, but underperforming run for Beyond that fourth film seemed to be shelved. After five long years and several false starts, Paramount has finally offered a beacon of hope by committing to giving us the next instalment of the f...[Read More]

Delta’s Done Right: A look at FanSets Recent Offerings!

When it comes to collectables in the Star Trek world, one of the most reliable lines of merchandise were pins that fans could wear or display to replicate the brave Starfleet heroes on screen. For many fans, back in the day the go to place for these was Hollywood Pins' collection as they churned out every Starfleet emblem from all era's, rank pins and even a few commemorative pins including limite...[Read More]

Captain Pike & The Enterprise Returns for Strange New Worlds

A few months ago eagle eyed fans spotted that the Directors Guild of Canada added a page for a new show with an ominous title, Strange New Worlds. An obvious reference to, well, the obvious, it was presumed that this new show would be a continuation of Captain Pike’s Enterprise crew. Announced through EW, it’s been confirmed that Strange New Worlds is the next in line for Star TrekR...[Read More]

First Cast Announced for Picard Series

In the run up to the upcoming Picard-focused Star Trek series announced in August last year, CBS has announced two of the new cast members that will join Sir Patrick Stewart in his new voyage. Welcome Aboard! Recognisable for being the apocalypse painting Isaac in Heroes, as Lancelot in BBC series Merlin and more recently in shows such as Little Big Lies and Salvation, Venezuela-born British actor...[Read More]

Hanelle Culpepper to Direct Picard Series Pilot

Entering the Star Trek world through Star Trek Discovery, Hanelle Culpepper helped present the Mirror Universe in Vaulting Ambition and helmed one of the upcoming episodes of Season 2. Now she’s jumping ahead to a new mission as Culpepper takes the reigns of the pilot episode of the new Picard-centric series. Following the life of Picard long after the Enterprise, the untitled show will revi...[Read More]

The Continuing Mission; The Current Plans for Star Trek

Ever since he took the big chair and became the head of all things Trek, Alex Kurtzman has been on a mission to ensure we’re entering a bold new era for our favourite franchise! Now we have multiple shows in development – and many more being thrown out into the rumour mill – we thought we’d take a break and wade through the production developments to highlight whats confirm...[Read More]

Will You Take My Hand? Discovery’s Season One finale Available Now!

After a dramatic and exciting season, Discovery’s first season is finally coming to a close. The season finale, “Will You Take My Hand”, is available on Netflix in the UK and internationally now! With this series running on Netflix, allowing fans to watch at will, we’ll be ensuring we remain spoiler free across all our online outlets and invite all members to take part in o...[Read More]

Jason Isaac’s takes Command of the USS Discovery!

Casting news for Discovery has been thick and fast in the past few months and today we were treated to another huge surprise as Jason Isaacs was announced by Deadline as one of Discovery’s major players! Known for his role as Harry Potter Lucius Malfoy, Jason Isaacs is a hugely experienced veteran to both the large and small screen including key roles in the recent Netflix show OA as well as...[Read More]

Beyond DVD & Blu Ray Special Features

After making it’s debut in cinema’s earlier this year, Star Trek Beyond is coming to Blu Ray and DVD from November 1st, with a Digital Download available from October. With several variations already available on pre-order, including Amazon.co.uk’s set which includes a model of the USS Kelvin and the Walmart special edition with three model ships, Paramount has released the speci...[Read More]

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