Beyond DVD & Blu Ray Special Features

After making it’s debut in cinema’s earlier this year, Star Trek Beyond is coming to Blu Ray and DVD from November 1st, with a Digital Download available from October. With several variations already available on pre-order, including’s set which includes a model of the USS Kelvin and the Walmart special edition with three model ships, Paramount has released the speci...[Read More]

Beyond Posters

With the run up to Star Trek Beyond, Paramount and Bad Robot have been issuing new posters for the film since releasing the Motion Picture retro poster at their fan access event and the international poster shortly after via twitter. In anticipation for Beyond in July, we’ve gathered the collection so far! More to be added as they’re released!

Full Trailer for Star Trek Beyond

It’s been a long wait but after the initial teaser trailer back in December, the first full trailer for Star Trek Beyond is here after being unleashed at a special fan event last night! Beyond follows Kirk and his crew beyond the final frontier to a new threat looming on the edge of the Federation. The fan event also saw a special announcement that Beyond will make it’s debut at this y...[Read More]

Something Old, Something New: Pegg gives insight into Beyond

Since JJ Abrahms first brought the new trek to screen, the franchise has aimed to attract the attention of as many new fans as it has dedicated Trekkies. We all have out favourite movies, the one that hooked us and brought us all in. For many in the 80’s Khan’s wrath opened the door to a new generation of fans while the 90’s had First Contact’s time travelling shenanigans a...[Read More]

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