[Review] Red Directive/Under The Twin Moons (Discovery S5, E1&2)

Launching as a two part story, Discovery's final season looks to be reinventing itself for the last time by dropping all the background drama for a more uplifting mission this time round. Where last season felt like things were settling down – perhaps a little too quickly – with the Species 10C story bringing together the fractured factions of the Federation past and present, the story veered mor...[Read More]

A Fistful Of Discovery’s Best Episodes (So Far…)

Since it's launch as Star Trek's new flagship show in 2017, Star Trek Discovery has made an effort to reinvent itself year by year to tell new stories with new styles and themes. Each season being it's own new mission, the crew began as distrustful strangers under the command of a cold tactician to living in the far future trying to restore the Federation into the utopia of it's prime.

[Retro Review] The Vulcan Hello/Battle of the Binary Stars

Over the past few years through Comms, we've looked back at past iterations of Star Trek with rose coloured glasses and a bit of humour. This time round, we're reaching back only seven years for the 'youngest' retro review to date. Since it's debut in 2017, Discovery has launched a whole new world of Star Trek from animated comedies, to sombre reunions with past heroes. Ait all began with Discover...[Read More]

Discovery’s Final Mission Launches This April

Since 2017 it feels like we've had non stop Star Trek since the revival of the franchise through streaming services, however all good things do come to an end. One of the most bittersweet things to look forward to this year is the surprising end of Discovery, the flasgship show that helped to revive the Star Trek franchise with it's higher than expected demand launching CBS All Ac cess (Now Paramo...[Read More]

Discovery to End With Season 5

It's the end of an era as the show that launched the current era of Star Trek and allowed for the franchise to explore boths trange new worlds and beloved characters is coming to an end as Paramount announces the fifth season of Discovery will be it's last.

Paramount+ Launches in the UK

After a long wait and a lot of upset following Paramount's buyout of their Netflix deal, Star Trek fans in the UK can finally catch up with the US release schedules of the US and watch Strange New Worlds debut season as well as more from across the Star Trek Universe.

Far From Home: Discovery S3E2 Review

Just as Michael Burnham had crash landed out of the vortex and into the future, so too does Discovery. But where it’s science officer experienced isolation and uncertainty, Discovery’s crew venture into the 32nd century in a far better position; they still have each other. Director: Olatunde Osunsanmi Written By: Michelle Paradise & Jenny Lumet & Alex Kurtzman Doing back to bac...[Read More]

That Hope Is You: Discovery S3E1 Review

Following the battle against Control that saw Michael Burnham don the Red Angel suit to lead Discovery into the far future to ensure the rogue AI life form couldn’t obtain the ships unique ancient Sphere Data, That Hope Is You see’s the end result of that mission as Michael finds herself bursting into a strange new world where everything familiar has been turned on it’s head. Dir...[Read More]

CBS unveils Discovery’s Season 3 Title Sequence & Character Promo’s

CBS unveils Discovery’s Season 3 Title Sequence & Character Promo’s Over the past few weeks we’ve had a few teases and previews for whats to come for the next Season of Star Trek Discovery as we enter a world of change in both their new home and in the production itself. The most intriguing piece of the puzzle for many being what the new Starfleet emblem looks like in the fut...[Read More]

SFCQ2 Comms: Absent Friends & New Frontiers

On the eve of Patrick Stewarts return to Star Trek, we take a deep dive into everything we know, everything we hope for and meet the crew of Star Trek Picard! Plus, in celebration of the new series we also review Picard: Countdown in our Library; take a look at the Odyssey Class featured in the comics in Shipyards plus focus our Retro Review on Picard’s jump to the big screen in Generations! In ou...[Read More]

Discovery’s First Season to Relaunch on Channel 4 Next Year.

For anyone who doesn’t have Netflix (which you should, theres a lot of good stuff there!), Channel 4 has announced they’ve gained the rights for Discovery on regular TV. Just announced, the deal will see Channel 4 secure two of CBS’ properties as they secure the regular television rights for Matt LeBlanc’s new show ‘Man With a Plan’ and All Access show Star Trek...[Read More]

Discover Season 3: Discovery Teaser Trailer Launched at NYCC

Flung further than we’ve ever seen before, Discovery is set to arrive nearly a thousand years in the future when it returns next year, and at NYCC we got our first glimpse of the third season of Star Trek’s flagship show. #StarTrekDiscovery takes fans 930 years into the future at #NYCC #StarTrekNYCC — Star Trek (@StarTrek) Octobe...[Read More]

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