Discovery Recap: Brother (S2E1)

After a dramatic debut season, Star Trek Discovery returned to Netflix introducing us to a new captain, a new vibe and a whole new adventure for the redeemed Michael Burnham and her shipmates. At the end of season ones finale we were all surprised to see the USS Enterprise send out a distress call interrupting Discovery’s trip to Vulcan. Following straight from that moment, season two opens ...[Read More]

Discover More…. New Issue SFCQ2 Comms Now Available!

As we enter a new year and continue the renaissance of Star Trek with the launch of Discovery Season 2, we’re taking a look at our hopes and expectations for the return of Burnham and her shipmates; studying the new Captain and looking at what else we can expect from the new world of Star Trek. We also review Discovery’s first season launch on home release, detailing the special features and extra...[Read More]

SCC 2018 Panel Highlights & more including a new Number One!

In their first public event together in the lead up to Discovery’s second season, the cast and crew of Discovery took to the stage in the infamous Hall H at SDCC for an hour long panel on the upcoming season! Giving news and insight into whats to come, as well as sharing their vision of hope and the future, Tig Notaro led Sonequa Martin-Green, Anthony Rapp, Shazad Latif, Doug Jones, Wilson C...[Read More]

Star Trek Discovery Season 2 Trailer

As we’d all hoped and expected, last nights SDCC panel closed with a fresh look at Discovery season 2, giving us the first peek at how the show is shaping up after the behind the scenes teaser released earlier this year. You can view a region-free version of the trailer below: The first season 2 trailer shows us a close look at Discovery’s new mission, new crew an of course our first p...[Read More]

Discovery & Sonequa Martin-Green Take Home Saturn Awards!

The 44th annual Saturn Awards were presented this week with Discovery entering with five nominations and leaving with two big wins! Discovery has brought a lot of success for CBS’s new All Access Service with subscriptions rising and the show coming out on top of streaming viewership projections throughout (and in the weeks after!) the shows run. Matching the success of the show, The Saturn ...[Read More]

STLV Highlights: Wilson Cruz Speaks on the Importance of his Role in Discovery

As San Diego Comic Con Anthony Rapp announced another cast member for Star Trek Discovery during the cast panel as he told fans at SDCC that Wilson Cruz was filming alongside them as Discovery medical officer Dr Hugh Culber. At Star Trek Las Vegas Cruz – Known for shows including My So Called Life, Party of Five, Red Band Society and more including recently appearing in 13 Reasons Why –...[Read More]

STLV Highlights: Discovery and Canon

“It’s one thing to speak of a utopia. To be able to see it in action, to see us aspiring to it, we haven’t reached this perfection yet, but we’re trying and I think it’s going to be really compelling because you’re seeing us try and fail and try again.” Sonequa Martin-Green Kicking off a celebration of all things Trek, the highly anticipated Star Trek Las Vegas began with a press conference and pa...[Read More]

Changes and new additions to Discovery Cast!

Announced and confirmed by, Discovery’s ranks continue to swell after Sonqua Martin-Green was officially confirmed as Lt Commander Burnham and the shock revelation that The OFfice’s Rainn Wilson would revive the role of Harry Mudd! Known for her role as the devious and deceitful Tory Foster in Battlestar Galactica, Rekha Sharma is giving up colonial life for Starfleet as s...[Read More]

Sonequa Martin Green named as First Officer Michael Burnham

Despite the news leaking late last year, CBS has finally officially confirmed Sonequa Martin-Green as the lead in Discovery! Martin-Green’s casting last year brought a close to a long and determined search to find the perfect lead for Discovery which has partially caused delays to the process of building the show. Bryan Fuller, who stepped down as showrunner last year after constructing much...[Read More]

More Casting News for Discovery!

After the news that Rainn Wilson would be appearing in Discovery as the legendary Harry Mudd, there’s more casting news to come. In a recent interview, Wendy Crewson announced that she’ll be taking up the role of an Admiral on Star Trek Discovery! “I’m gonna be the Starfleet Admiral, so that means I’m the real big boss!” With dozens of credits to her name includ...[Read More]

Jason Isaac’s takes Command of the USS Discovery!

Casting news for Discovery has been thick and fast in the past few months and today we were treated to another huge surprise as Jason Isaacs was announced by Deadline as one of Discovery’s major players! Known for his role as Harry Potter Lucius Malfoy, Jason Isaacs is a hugely experienced veteran to both the large and small screen including key roles in the recent Netflix show OA as well as...[Read More]

“I’ve seen a little bit of it, and I’m very excited.” CEO of CBS offers insight into Discovery’s Launch Date

After some delay the team behind Discovery excited us all with a sneak peek of the show’s first week of production, but the delay to begin filming caused another delay to the shows release, leaving us to question when we’ll see Discovery. While actor Doug Jones, who will portray an all-new alien science officer called Saru, speculated that the show could potentially launch during the f...[Read More]

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