The Best of Trek!

On the build up to our latest issue of Comms, members of SFC Quadrant 2 taking part in our Facbeook group have been voting for the Best of Trek. Using fan created polls throughout the years and suggestions form members, the best and highest rated episodes of all five Trek series have been picked out and put into battle in a knockout tournament. Over the past week members have been asked to choose ...[Read More]

SFC Q2 Comms Update: April 2016

As we look forward to a big year for Star Trek and SFC we catch up with the latest news on Beyond and the new show to debut in 2017; Recap First Contact Day: Into the Ashes; Gain a surprising announcement from our Director of Operations and look at the latest in film, TV and more! April 2016 Edition Includes: – A look at the new Star Trek TV team as Bryan Fuller assembles his production staf...[Read More]

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