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After accidentally becoming the catalyst that unites the great Klingon Houses into war with the Federation, a disgraced officer finds herself convicted of treason with a mysterious Captain bartering for her to join his team as a specialist on board the USS Discovery. An experimental science ship, hosting a unique drive that travels through a mycelial network in space, Burnham has to win the trust of the crew as the war rages on. As Burnham faces her own past and failures, a Klingon plot to bring them down slowly reveals itself.

Talking the first steps on the road to redemption, Burnham and the crew come together to deflect Klingon plots, try and perfect technology to counter the Klingons new cloaking powers and discover their Captain isn’t who they thought he was….

01: The Vulcan Hello
02: Battle at the Binary Stars
03: Context is for Kings
04: The Butcher Cares Not For The Lambs Cry
05: Choose Your Pain
06: Lethe
07: Magic To Make The Sanest Man Go Mad
08: Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum
09: Into The Forest I Go
10: Despite Yourself
11: The Wolf Inside
12: Vaulting Ambition
13: Whats Past Is Prologue
14: The War Without, The War Within
15: Will You Take My Hand

Discovery’s first season aired in two parts. Episodes 1-9 aired between September-November 2017 and dealt with the arc of Burnham’s guilt for letting her former Captain, Georgiou die. After gaining vengeance for her death in the ninth episode, Discovery took a break until January 2018 where it followed Discovery landing in a strange environment: The Mirror Universe. The second half focused on their Captain, Lorca, closing off the mystery and bringing the crew together with Klingon idealist L’Rell to play a major operation to end the war.

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