As the Klingon houses unite, Captain prospect Michael Burnham interrupts an ancient ceremony that gives the Great Houses the reason they need to come together for war against the Federation. As the catalyst for war, Burnham is tried for treason, expelled from Starfleet and imprisoned for life. Until fate would come knocking, leading to serving under a mysterious Captain on board a top secret science vessel destined to change the fate of the Federation.

As Burnham walks the path of redemption, she and the crew of the USS Discovery travel through time and realities, as well as space, face great threats and learn to come together as they start anew after being stranded in a strange and unusual future world…

Initially developed by Bryan Fuller, and executive produced by Alex Kurtzman and Michelle Paradise, Start Trek Discovery began as a prequel series roughly ten years before the adventures of Captain Kirk and the Enterprise and ties into the family of Sarek and Spock. The first season focused on the Klingon-Federation war as Discovery’s crew developed a sustainable replacement for warp drive, before crossing dimensions into the Mirror Universe to learn the truth of their Captain.

Season 2 saw the legendary Captain Pike take command of Discovery to investigate strange signals spread out across the galaxy and the rise of an AI, Control, aiming to exterminate all organic life while Season 3 began in the 32nd century where Discovery had to run to escape the clutches of Control’s influence and arrived to learn the galaxy’s politics had been irreparably altered by an event dubbed “The Burn.”

Season 4 is set to continue the crews journey in the 32nd century with a fifth season confirmed.

Throughout the first three seasons the story focuses on Burnham’s redemption, from convict and specialist to regaining her Starfleet commission to ascension to the Captains chair. The series was announced in 2015 and was launched two years later as the flagship show for streaming service CBS: All Access.

International distribution, including here in Europe, is exclusive to Netflix for first run content. Discovery can also been seen on a three year delay on E4.


Discovery’s launch in the United States exceeded expectations for the CBS: All Access service and gained positive critical reception. With Alex Kurtzman overseeing all Star Trek projects, the producer signed a deal to further expand Star Trek for the service due to Discovery’s success.

The first expansion of this era was Short Treks, episodes averaging fifteen minutes to tell small one off stories in experimental ways. Direct spin offs from Discovery include the development of Section 31 which is to be led by Discovery guest star Michelle Yeoh after her season 3 departure, and Strange New Worlds focusing on the long awaited adventures of Captain Pike following the positive reception to his portrayal throughout Season 2.

While not directly linked, Discovery’s success also led to other shows being developed and bolder creative risks including adult comedy Lower Decks and the first non-Starfleet crew in Star Trek: Picard.

Discovery also gained it’s own after show, After Trek, for it’s first season. After Trek was replaced with The Ready Room focusing on all expanded shows.

Several tie-in novels digging into the characters histories have also been launched, as well as comic series through IDW. Discovery has also appeared in games such as Star Trek Timelines and Star Trek Online, with several cast members including Mary Wiseman, Jason Isaacs and Mary Chieffo reprising their roles for the latter.

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