USS Invictus NCC-69720

SFC Quadrant 2 - North East

Launched on October 1st 2019, the Invictus is the new face of the North East; one of SFC’s busiest and most active regions for decades; leading a new era for Starfleet Command in the North.

North East England

Lt Mark Barnham

Starship Class:

Ships Log

Invictus: New Unit Launches in the North East

After several months of planning from it’s new Commanding Officer, we’re pleased to announce that Quadrant 2’s newest unit officially launches as of today! Captained by Justine Torrance, the Invictus is launching in the North East and has already seen several tr...[Read More]

For more information on Invictus or to find out how to join the crew, you can contact the captain directly.

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