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In just a handful of episodes across three series so far, Q has become a bit of an iconic character since first being encountered at Farpoint where he put humanity on trial for being a barbaric and fl...[Read More]

A Fistful of Admirals (Comms Preview)

Despite following the brave leaders sitting in the Captains chair, or destined to take it, for decades the captains of Starfleet changed the face of the galaxy on a weekly basis. But even deep into the final frontier, you still have to answer to the boss...

Weekly Round Up: Filming News for Picard & Discovery, Anson Mount Talks SNW and LeVar Burton gets a new job!

With Star Trek running at full warp with several shows in production and more incoming, we take a look back at the news lighlights from Across The Universe! Including Q Cameo's, Anson Mount's view on Strange New Worlds and more!

Back On Course: Paramount Sets a Date for the next Trek movie!

On the red carpets of Star Trek Beyond, JJ Abrams confirmed that a fourth Star Trek movie from the Kelvin Timeline crew was in the works. Following a critically acclaimed, but underperforming run for Beyond that fourth film seemed to be shelved. After five long years and sever...[Read More]

Delta’s Done Right: A look at FanSets Recent Offerings!

When it comes to collectables in the Star Trek world, one of the most reliable lines of merchandise were pins that fans could wear or display to replicate the brave Starfleet heroes on screen. For many fans, back in the day the go to place for these was Hollywood Pins' collection...[Read More]



Changes to our Data & Privacy Policy

As part of our continued effort to improve our membership se...[Read More]

SFCQ2 Comms: Disco Inferno | Spring 2021

Warping into the future, Discovery has taken us far away fro...[Read More]

Service Update for SFCQ2 Membership Services

So far in 2021, we’ve been busy behind the scenes to s...[Read More]

Introducing the USS Artemis!

As we enter the final month of the year, we’re pleased...[Read More]

SFCQ2 Comms: Tomorrow Is Yesterday | October 2020

As the crew of the Discovery leap forward towards the far fu...[Read More]

Star Trek, LGBT & Me.

The concept of IDIC – Infinite Diversity in Infinite C...[Read More]

SFCQ2 Comms: Impossible Things | May 2020

Reflecting on the inaugural series of Star Trek Picard, we t...[Read More]

Captain Pike & The Enterprise Returns for Strange New Worlds

A few months ago eagle eyed fans spotted that the Directors ...[Read More]

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