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Fleet Alert

Fleet Alert!

Returning to an old tradition, Q2 is re-launching our Officer of the Month initiative after a lengthy disappearance from our fleet operations. Once upon a time the Officer of the Month was selected an...[Read More]

[Admirals Log] Confirmation Results & Future.

Some time ago when I stood in temporarily as Admin until we could find a permanent replacement, one of the firsts tasks was completely changing how we store information and ensuring that – even if at our core we're really just a fan club – we work in compliance with data protecti...[Read More]

[Retro Review] Tapestry, TNG

In a diplomatic mission gone wrong, Captain Picard is beamed back home to the Enterprise after being shot in the chest and dies. The shot blew out his mechanical heart and as he crosses the celestial border from life to death, he's met with his creator. Or at least someone claimi...[Read More]

Confirmations: Update & Technical Issues! (Further Update 23/05)

Since the kick off of our 2023 Confirmations period, we've had a few questions raised and a lot of reports of mebers not having recieved the initial email. Don't panic! We've done some digging, found out what went wrong and are undergoing some work to put things right and reset t...[Read More]

Annual Membership Confirmation 2023

As we head into our second quarter and look ahead to a busy summer, a restructure in our command structure means we're going full warp into a huge Admin period and one of the most essential (if a little dull!) parts of our membership process.



Goodbye, Admiral…

Once upon a time, SFC was one. Then it was a shared name wit...[Read More]

Comms Is Coming!

Lockdown life and life in general have had a weird effect on...[Read More]

Meet The Fleet! CO, Starbase Europa

Joining SFC can sometimes be a whirlwind as you’ll be proces...[Read More]

Relay Changes & Spring-Summer Schedule for

For the past five years one of our major outpoits was our ed...[Read More]

Changes to our Data & Privacy Policy

As part of our continued effort to improve our membership se...[Read More]

Service Update for SFCQ2 Membership Services

So far in 2021, we’ve been busy behind the scenes to s...[Read More]

Director of Operations: Promotions & Confirmations (April 2020)

For those who were awaiting our end of year Admirals Address...[Read More]

Fleet Alert From the Director of Fleet Operations

Attention All Hands – Urgent Message from DOPS: In thi...[Read More]

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