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Fleet Alert

Fleet Alert!

Once upon a time, SFC was one. Then it was a shared name with different purposes. This was all down to one man. On Tuesday we lost that man. Mac McCubbin was  the founder of Quadrant 2. Through his ef...[Read More]

Comms Is Coming!

Lockdown life and life in general have had a weird effect on our time table for... well, everything. Including Comms which had a huge delay earlier this year and we got a late start on for our next issue. But! Despite lockdown stress and life changes in the Communications Office,...[Read More]

Meet The Fleet! CO, Starbase Europa

Joining SFC can sometimes be a whirlwind as you’ll be processed by our Administration, passed oer to Academy, introduced to your CO and meet other members through Europa or other means. Sometimes it can be tricky getting to grips with who’s who within the fleet administration. Th...[Read More]

Relay Changes & Spring-Summer Schedule for

For the past five years one of our major outpoits was our editions of Comms with plans to throw in more content on our site under the Comms: Relay banner. It's been a bit of an uphill struggle with various complications, but as we begin to move towards the Summer we've been exper...[Read More]

Changes to our Data & Privacy Policy

As part of our continued effort to improve our membership services, we've made some changes to how we handle and use personal data to allow a more streamlined experience for both members and unit leadership throughout Quadrant 2.



Service Update for SFCQ2 Membership Services

So far in 2021, we’ve been busy behind the scenes to s...[Read More]

Director of Operations: Promotions & Confirmations (April 2020)

For those who were awaiting our end of year Admirals Address...[Read More]

Fleet Alert From the Director of Fleet Operations

Attention All Hands – Urgent Message from DOPS: In thi...[Read More]

SFC Quadrant 2 Operations & COVID-19

Attention all hands! I’m sure everyone seen the news b...[Read More]

Admirals Blog: Confirmations, Duty Orders and more Service Updates!

When approaching the new year, one of the main notes I had w...[Read More]

Improvements To The Fleet and the New Membership Confirmation Strategy.

Throughout 2019 the Administration and Support within SFCHQ ...[Read More]

Starfleet Academy Undergoes An Overhaul

Throughout the year we’ve been taking on a lot of feed...[Read More]

Introducing a New Starfleet Academy

Throughout the year we’ve been taking on a lot of feed...[Read More]

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