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Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online

Continuing the recent updates to the game, Star Trek Online are adding more elements introduced in Discovery's third season from the 32nd Century following their debut of the Janeway Class and Book's ...[Read More]

Star Trek Online Launches the Discovery-Style Constitution

In all the Star Trek franchise there is no ship more iconic, more storied and more loved than the Enterprise. Repackaged and redesigned for a new era, the Enterprise was both a new and familiar sight when it arrived in Discovery’s season one cliffhanger and since it arrived...[Read More]

Star Trek Online 101: Research & Develpment (Comms)

R&D, or crafting as it is more commonly referred too, is perhaps one the most under used and least understood aspects of the game. During a conversation with a number of players recently I asked the question how many actually used the crafting system, and none of those that w...[Read More]

Age of Discovery: A New Era of Content Delivery from Star Trek Online (Comms Highlights)

Ever since the introduction of Star Trek Discovery, players of Star Trek Online were eager to see the show’s content drop into the game so they could immerse themselves in the new vision of the 23rd century. Despite the general thought that such updates would be a while awa...[Read More]

The Star Trek Online Summer Event Is Here!

It’s that time of year again where the Captains of Star Trek Online take a break from the big chair to spend some R&R on Risa! Every year STO brings a month of fun and games on the pleasure planet with a chance to unlock unique costumes, pets and earn a new Tier 6 ship...[Read More]



Star Trek Online Launches Season 13!

Launching their 13th season, Perfect World’s Star Trek...[Read More]

Star Trek Online Launches Agents of Yesterday on Console!

Late last year players of Star Trek Online on the original P...[Read More]

Agents of Yesterday

As part of the 50th anniversary celebrations, Star Trek Onli...[Read More]

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