Fleet Alert!

Launching as a two part story, Discovery's final season looks to be reinventing itself for the last time by dropping all the background drama for a more uplifting mission this time round. Where last s...[Read More]

Paul Giamatti joins Holly Hunter for Starfleet Academy!

Looking ahead to the next generation of Star Trek shows, Paramount and Secret Hideout have already b...[Read More]

[What If] The Defiant Does The Delta Quadrant

Time is broken, according to Q. So why not break it some more? Over the years we've seen alternate g...[Read More]

Prodigy’s Second Season Arrives July 1st On Netflix

Since the announcement that Prodigy would be moving to Netflix following the cancellation of the ani...[Read More]

A Fistul Of Loose Ends…

Picking up a loose thread from the Next Generation, Discovery turned a one off story about a quickly...[Read More]

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[Fleet Alert!] The USS Tesla To Send Away Team To Dundee Comic Con, June 15

Returning once again to Dundee, the crew of the USS Tesla ar...[Read More]

[Review] Labyrinths, Discovery S5E08

Hidden behind trials, tests and general annoyances that woul...[Read More]

[Review] Erigah: Discovery S5E7

Answering a distress call sent my Mol and L'ak, Discovery ap...[Read More]

[Ships Of The Line] Sagan Class

Constructed and designed at the tail end of the 24th century...[Read More]

A Fistful Of Times The Prime Directive Was Ignored

Since the early years of Star Trek, the Prime Directive has ...[Read More]

[Admirals Blog] Busting Makes Me Feel Good…

I thought I was l being clever with the launch of Q2&A this ...[Read More]

Officer of the Month April 2024: Tom Rose!

Returning for 2024, our Officer of the Month program has bee...[Read More]

[Across The Universe] Alex Kurtzman Talks Streaming Challenges & More April News Highlights

Despite Strange New Worlds getting a renewal announcement, ...[Read More]

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