The Mission

Fifteen years after an unwilling retirement, Jean Luc Picard finds himself looking back to the stars after a mysterious young woman is attacked and instinctively reached out to him for help. Discovering both a Romulan conspiracy and another sentient android linked to his late friend, Data, the former Enterprise captain puts together a motley crew, reliving past mistakes and tragedies as he searches for answers.

Focusing on the twilight years of the legendary captain, Star Trek Picard picks up the life of it’s titular character twenty years after his last appearance on screen and fifteen years since handing in his uniform. The series first shows an older, lonely Picard still contemplating the life he’d left behind, most notably the death of Commander Data and his failure to help the Romulans after the collapse of the Hobus Star as seen through Spock’s perspective in the movie Star Trek (2009).

After discovering his visitor asking for help was created by Bruce Maddox using Data as a template, Picard embarks to find the only known sentient android – her sister, Soji – taking him to where she was hidden on board an inactive Borg cube in Romulan space where one Romulan, aware of who she is and working for an anti-artificial life agency, tries to unlock her potential.

The series takes us back to Picard’s involvement with the Romulan evacuation, the incident that stopped him in his tracks and conspiracies within the Federation while also handling Picard’s past as an assimilated Borg and his feelings of loss over Data. Spanning just ten episodes, the first season reaches back into many aspects of Picard’s past, how it’s changed him and how conspiracies fuelled by ancient Romulan legends have interfered with Starfleet and the Federation.

Season one featured several returns from Trek’s past including Brent Spiner as Data in dream sequences; Jonathon Frakes and Marina Sirtis reprising their Next Generation roles; Jonathon del Arco returning as Hugh and Jeri Ryan joining the cast as Seven of Nine.

The series was developed for CBS: All Access, now Paramount+, however international audiences can view on Amazon Prime Video.


Beginning it’s life as a pitch for a one off episode of Short Treks, Star Trek Picard was the first show to go into development after lead creative force, Alex Kurtzman, signed a five year deal to develop and expand the Star Trek franchise. The series was co-developed by Kurtzman and Akiva Goldsman before others, including Kirsten Beyer and Michael Chabon, came on board to write for the series with Chabon chosen as showrunner for the debut season.

Reluctant to play the role unless there was enough change and no repetition, Stewart agreed to reprise the role after reading a detailed pitch and announced the launch of the series at the 2018 Las Vegas Star Trek convention. Production began several months later before the series launched in January 2020.

Michael Chabon was named as showrunner for the series but exited after the first due to a long term deal with with CBS’ television division to create more shows. Terry Matalas, long time Trek staffer and creator of SyFy series 12 Monkeys, took over duties from Chabon for the second season.

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