Having had units all over the UK from London to Edinburgh, Starfleet Command has been going strong for more than three decades. With resources spread throughout the UK, the Admiralty board held a fleet wide consultation throughout 2015 and towards the end of te year both members and the board opted to make the fleet stronger by merging units to bring the fleet together.

While we expect things to change over the coming years as we work hard on restructuring and modernising the fleet to come in line with todays fanbase and membership, we stand proud with two large regional units in the North and South.


Regional Command Unit |South England & Wales
Commissioned in late 2015 as part of our restructuring, the bold Galaxy Class Churchill is a new unit designed to encompass the South of England and Midlands as a base of operations.



Regional Command Unit | Northern England, Midlands, Ireland, EU
Previously serving as our catch-all internet unit, the Sovereign is a long-running integral part of SFC. Ever expanding, Sovereign has become the base of Operations for all members in the region and all future operation in smaller regional groups within it’s range



Active Unit | Liverpool & North Wales
Launched on December 1st 2020, the Artemis brings a new face to one off our most historically active regions, offering a social and active presence with a Liverpool core extending to the cities neighbouring regions.



Active Unit | North East England
Launched on October 1st 2019, the Invictus is the new face of the North East; one of SFC’s busiest and most active regions for decades; leading a new era for Starfleet Command in the North.



Active Unit | Scotland
Officially launched in 2018, the USS Tesla is the only current active unit within Quadrant 2 with a membership base between Edinburgh & Glasgow with a focus on social interaction and events across the country.


Every Star Trek fans dreams of being the captain of their own Starship and while running an SFC Quadrant 2 Unit is (probably) easier than commanding a starship, both roles require commitment and dedication.

After a massive re-orginisation of our fleet, Quadrant 2 has cleared space for new units to come together with a combination of new and veteran members and we’re laying open the opportunity to sit at the captains table and create your own corner of Starfleet.

Unit’s are, and always will be, the core of SFC. It is within them that members can indulge in their shared interests for Star Trek and science fiction while enjoying the company of fellow fans and like minded people. At their best, units are a unique and welcoming social group that can be as rewarding as they are challenging.

Unit CO’s are considered senior members of SFC who take command of their local area’s, organise events, meetups and all aspects of operations. CO’s not only have the backing and support of the Admiralty Board, but access to supplies, information and can help to shape the future of the club and our policies moving forward.

After a lot of planning and discussion, the first of these new units found it’s launch in 2018 paving the way forward for future generations of SFC to follow their lead and build a new vibrant community in your area.

If you think you have what it takes to organise and lead, Q2 are looking for the right people in several hot spots to take the challenge and offer extensive help and support in taking on ‘the chair’.

Our ‘Command Training’ program is available to any and all officers of Quadrant 2, further information can be found in our Members Resources section or by consulting with the Admiralty Board.

Over the years many units have come and gone. Units that have disbanded or have been decommissioned are traditionally sent to our Clydeside Dockyards. While this is not an exhaustive list, the following decommissioned units mark some of our most recent, or in several cases most noteworthy, the following units remain permanently stationed in holding.

USS Valkyrie
USS Pendragon
USS Northumberland
USS Old Sarum
USS Daring

North England

Decomissioned 2016
Decomissioned 2016
Decomissioned 2016

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