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Made up some of the longest-serving and highest-ranking active members of SFC the Admiralty Board are responsible for the organisation, direction and day-to-day running of the Club in general as well as encouraging and nurturing the Command Support Staff and Unit Commanding Officers to maintain the Star Trek image and the fantasy image of Starfleet Command as a believable Fleet in the image of the organisation seen in the TV Shows and Movies.


Admiral Mark Mitchell

The Director of Operations (DOPS) oversees all aspects of the daily operation of Starfleet: their duties include the chairing and moderation of the Admiralty Board, overseeing Unit Operations, matters of procedure and any and all matters that have a fleet-wide impact.

Admiral Mitchell first showed his talents by rising from the Engineering decks to Command of the near-mythical Kronos One, before serving as CO to two incarnations of the record-breaking USS Demeter along with flying the desks of Deputy Director of Operations, Head of Fleet Engineering and Starbase 44 at various times in his career.

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Bridging both the reality and fantasy of Quadrant 2, the Director of Administration is responsible for the oversight of all memebrship services and maintaining the operational structure of the fleet and it’s units to ensure incoming and seasoned officers enjoy a smooth operation.

The Director of Administration role is currently vacant with membership services temporarily handed through the Director of Communications.

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Vice Admiral James Tyler

Responsible for disseminating information within the organisation, the DoFC is responsible for ensuring that members are aware and informed of fleet matters and supported projects as well as managing and editing official communication tools, Comms Quarterly and sharing administrative duties.

With a background in various forms of media and marketing, VADM Tyler joined the board early in his career to lend support to various projects and aspects of SFC. Managing all communications channels, James is often the first person you’ll make first contact with whether official comms or replying to a tweet!

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As well as handling their individual tasks, the Admiralty Board work together to ensure all aspects of SFC operate smoothly. Any and all matters which effect the fleet as a whole, unit operations or start ups, or in simple matters of public image and coordination are handled by the board.

Further information on roles, responsibilities and how the Admiralty Board is implemented can be found within our Membership Handbook.

Much like the Admiralty Board, our fleet support staff are volunteers who have graciously given up their active roles within their units to serve the fleet as a whole, providing support for all officers and crew.

Lt Commander Wayne Robinson
Commandant, Starfleet Academy
Taking on the task of operating the Academy, Wayne helps guide new members of SFC through their early days as cadets, introducing them to the fleet.


Lieutenant Jenn Archibald
Depute Commandant, Starfleet Academy
Bio coming soon.


Commander David Shires
Commanding Officer, Starbase Europa
A former member of the Admiralty Board and veteran SFC member, the artist and designer currently stands in the CO role of Starbase Europa as moderator and leader of our online social groups.

Ensign David Crawford
Executive Officer, Starbase Europa
Bio coming soon.

Fleet Admiral Scott Arlow
Chief of Staff
With a rich experience of Unit Command, Operations and all aspects of life in SFC and in wider fandom, Fleet Admiral Arlow had held nearly evey office in Quadrant two. The longest serving active member in SFC, Fleet Admiral Arlow held the top office as Director of Operations for a stunning fifteen years before standing down and accepting the ceremonial role of Chief of Staff.


Commodore Tom Burns
Special Advisor to the Admiralty Board
Rising to the attention of the Admiralty as First Officer and then Commanding Officer of the USS Northumberland, Commodore Burns has served in various roles within the Admiralty Board and Europa before settling into an advisory position to lend an extra voice when needed by the ADMB.


Diane “Valaina” Tyler
Special Envoy to Qo’nos High Chancellor
Bio coming soon.


Lieutenant James “Wee Jimmy” Gorn
Flag Lieutenant to the DoFC
Bio coming soon.


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