Fleet Alert!

Since relinquishing the Comms role to focus on Admin, following the Fleet Confirmation we'd spent some time taking stock of things we'd like to change and refine to ensure all members get the most out...[Read More]

Discovery’s Final Mission Launches This April

Since 2017 it feels like we've had non stop Star Trek since the revival of the franchise through str...[Read More]

[Retro Review] The Way of the Warrior (DS9 Season 4)

Whenever you ask a DS9 fan where to start, the answer is rarely from the beginning. The first season...[Read More]

[Ships Of The Line] Crossfield Class. Kind Of….

In the mid 22nd century, two Crossfield Class Starships were retrofitted with a unique new experimen...[Read More]

A Fistful Of Unnoficial Ships Made Canon

Since the debut of the USS Enterprise in 1966, Matt Jeffries design became the template that every d...[Read More]

Serving the fan community for several decades, SFCQ2 is part of a non-profit international community of Star Trek & sci fi fans..

Connecting fans across the UK & Europe, our members have found life long friends through the connections made within the club.

Our local units offer varying activities from meet ups to special events and much more while internet units connect wider regions.

Exclusive to members, our e-magizine at the core of our Comms network is packed with content from Trek & Beyond

We don’t believe fandom comes at a premium and welcome all new members to join our collective without a membership fee

As part of our rich history, SFC works to bring fans together in an inclusive, positive and welcoming environment.

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Invictus: Stepping Down.

We all change, when you think about it, we're all different ...[Read More]

[Ships Of The Line] Centaur Class

Before the age of CGI, Star Trek's art teams relied on model...[Read More]

A Fistul of Retro Revivals

Since it's inception, Lower Decks has had multiple cameo's a...[Read More]

Prodigy: Season 2 And Beyond

Ahead of the series officially moving to Netflix this month,...[Read More]

[Admirals Log] So, you wanna be a Starship Captain?

Every Star Trek fans dreams of being the captain of their ow...[Read More]

Star Trek Prodigy Finds New Home on Netflix

Despite having already showcased the trailer for Season 2, b...[Read More]

A Fistful Of Underrated Episodes.

With close to 900 episodes – and a sure thing we'll hit 1,00...[Read More]

Officer Of The Month Returning to Quadrant 2!

Returning to an old tradition, Q2 is re-launching our Office...[Read More]

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