USS Artemis NCC-79206

SFC Quadrant 2 - Liverpool & North Wales


Launched on December 1st 2020, the Artemis brings a new face to one off our most historically active regions, offering a social and active presence with a Liverpool core extending to the cities neighbouring regions.

Liverpool, North Wales

December 2020

Lt Boyd Halliwell

Ships Log

Introducing the USS Artemis!

As we enter the final month of the year, we’re pleased to announce that after a lot off work from it’s new lead, SFCQ2’s Director off Fleet Operations has given the green light to a new unit being forme...[Read More]


For more than four decades, SFC Quadrant 2 has served as a home for many fans of Star Trek and science fiction. By joining SFC Quadrant 2, you’ll become part of one of the longest running fan clubs in the world and gain new connections and new friendships across the UK and Europe. Aside from joining the collective of Star Trek and sci fi fans, we offer all members….

Our quarterly publication, exclusive to members of SFC Quadrant 2. Our Comms update features content from members, fleet news and updates as well as news and insights from all the worlds of Star Trek. In addition Comms is filled with a look all around the world of sci fi, fantasy, games and comics reflecting our wider interests, including event reports and convention meetup details all around the UK!

Comms is supplemented by regular Comms Relays reports with exclusive news articles and content available only to logged in members on our site and opt-in weekly email roundups.

For more info on Comms or to check out our previews of previous issues, visit our Comms Archive – available to read as soon as you sign up to SFC!

At it’s core SFC values social interaction above all else an over the years many members have found life long friends through the connections made within the club. Our local units offer varying activities from meet ups to special events and much more while internet units connect fans across wider regions. And if you don’t have a local unit in your area, we can help you to build and develop your own!

In addition to our units system, all members of Q2 are invited to join Starbase Europa; our online forums and social media groups linking members fleet wide! Further social hubs are available as you ascend through the ranks including special interest groups covering Trek and sci fi merch, Discovery spoilers & discussion and are always advancing and changing to adapt to our members collective needs.

Upon joining SFC you’ll be invited to join Starfleet Academy; providing insight and knowledge on the world of Starfleet and SFC. The four-part welcome course offers you the chance to jump straight into membership activities right away! Graduating the Academy not only offers your first promotional reward as part of SFC, but upon completion of the initial course you’ll unlock further membership rewards including access to our exclusive Quartermasters stores!

Beyond the Academy, your time in SFC can advance and grow as you progress up the ranks. While the emphasis is on fun over formality, we strive to always ensure members are rewarded for their involvement and contributions with our Starfleet-based promotions, and commendations. The more you put in, the more you get out of your time with SFC, allowing you to tailor your membership to your needs.

In addition to connecting fans all over the country, Q2 has helped members to get opportunities as part of events, specialist panels, offer exclusive information through Comms and even appear on radio, film and television. We always try to ensure that our members benefit from our entire network to gain fulfilling experiences as part of the sci fi fan community.

There’s much more to discovery through SFC from exclusive discounts to unique opportunities and all in-between. Over the decades we have operated, our Admiralty and all members are always striving to grow, improve and constantly evolve to find new ways to ensure members of Quadrant 2 have the best possible experience as part of our collective.

….and did we mention membership is free?

We don’t believe fandom comes at a premium and unlike other organisations, welcome all new members to join our collective without a membership fee whilst ensuring we offer a premium service, friendly collective and that for members who want to get involved in the clubs full experience have a fulfilling time as a member of SFC Q2.

To learn more about our mission, history, orginisation, and more including our IDIC policy, you can learn more at our information section.

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