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The Continuing Mission...

Launching as a two part story, Discovery's final season looks to be reinventing itself for the last time by dropping all the background drama for a more uplifting mission this time round. Where last s...[Read More]

[Retro Review] The Vulcan Hello/Battle of the Binary Stars

Over the past few years through Comms, we've looked back at past iterations of Star Trek with rose coloured glasses and a bit of humour. This time round, we're reaching back only seven years for the 'youngest' retro review to date. Since it's debut in 2017, Discovery has launched...[Read More]

Discovery’s Final Mission Launches This April

Since 2017 it feels like we've had non stop Star Trek since the revival of the franchise through streaming services, however all good things do come to an end. One of the most bittersweet things to look forward to this year is the surprising end of Discovery, the flasgship show t...[Read More]

[Retro Review] The Way of the Warrior (DS9 Season 4)

Whenever you ask a DS9 fan where to start, the answer is rarely from the beginning. The first seasons of the show were good, sometimes great. The foundations were laid for a darker show than the flagship adventures of the Enterprise We had Federation turncoats in the Maquis; an u...[Read More]

[Retro Review] Best of Both Worlds

The word 'Legacy' has been storming every corner of fan circles since the closing episode of Star Trek Picard which saw the former captains story with the Borg come full circle in more ways than one. While showrunner Terry Matalas has said there's nothing confirmed with Paramount...[Read More]


Prodigy: Season 2 And Beyond

Ahead of the series officially moving to Netflix this month,...[Read More]

Star Trek Prodigy Finds New Home on Netflix

Despite having already showcased the trailer for Season 2, b...[Read More]

[Retro Review] Tapestry, TNG

In a diplomatic mission gone wrong, Captain Picard is beamed...[Read More]

Lower Decks Season 4 Is Here!

Returning to the least important people of the least importa...[Read More]

Strange New Worlds: Season 2 Review

Following a successful debut Season, Strange New Worlds cont...[Read More]

Retro Review: The Emisarry

These days Star Trek can, and is, a collection of tales with...[Read More]

The Last Generation: Picard S310 Review

In a desperate last stand, Jean-Luc Picard and generations o...[Read More]

Starfleet Academy Series Announced

An idea teased and thrown around for decades will finally co...[Read More]

The Bounty: Picard S306 Review.

Now on the run, Picard and the skeleton crew of the USS Tita...[Read More]

Imposters: Picard S305 Review.

Caught by Starfleet and facing court martial, paranoia grows...[Read More]

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