“Time Is Broken…” The First Look at Picard Season 2

“Time Is Broken…” The First Look at Picard Season 2

“Time Is Broken…” The First Look at Picard Season 2

Celebrating Captain Picard Day, a tradition inspired by Next Generation episode The Pegasus, CBS launched a new trailer for the upcoming Season of Star Trek Picard and out first peek at John De Lancie’s return as Q…


There’s a lot of interesting hints involved. Patrick Stewart has previously commented that Q would arrive at a devastating moment for Picard. There are enough hints to assume the crew will find themselves in an alternate timeline where Picard’s home is empty, Rios and the crew have rather intriguing Starfleet pins and Seven perhaps never was assimilated.

You can view the trailer in high resolution at StarTrek.com

Time is broken, according to the trailer. And we do see a lot of unusual changes, from La Sirena having some alternate-Starfleet symbols to Rios and Picard in a darker uniform. The presentation also hints of something larger in the “real” world that required Picared and Raffi to put their uniforms back on.

After set leaks which showed Raffi and Seven on a modern looking bus, the trailer also came with a poster using a 21st century cityscape in the same manner as the first season vineyard poster; both of which raise a lot of questions regarding the hinted themes of time travel and the obvious new reality.

New show-runner Terry Matalas is best known for his work adapting 12 Monkeys for SyFy, a series which shared similar themes of time travel and variant timelines – with several intriguing twists throughout.

Whatever the future holds for Jean Luc Picard and his motley crew, the trailer certainly raises some interesting questions and a lot to theorise about! And of course, seeing Q return and step right back into the role will be fascinating.

Picard Season 2 is set to launch early 2022 on Paramount+ in the US, while those of us in Quadrant 2 can watch the show on a one day delay through Amazon Prime Video. The season is currently in production in Los Angeles.

We don’t have to wait that long for our next dose of Star Trek however as Discovery’s fourth season hopes to launch late this year and Lower Decks is hoped to bring a little light fun between the two shows.

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