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Confirmations: Update & Technical Issues! (Further Update 23/05)

Confirmations: Update & Technical Issues! (Further Update 23/05)

Since the kick off of our 2023 Confirmations period, we’ve had a few questions raised and a lot of reports of mebers not having recieved the initial email. Don’t panic! We’ve done some digging, found out what went wrong and are undergoing some work to put things right and reset the clock for those missed out!

Update 23/05: Due to real world responsabilities which have left our Administration with limited time, we’ve again had to push this back to ensure we have reminders in place. The Confirmation will now close on Tuesday June 6th. Reminders are being issued from today and reciept of confirmation’s are slowly being sent out through the week. Thank you all for your patience!

After being announced here and on our primary internal groups including Europa, we began the 2023 Confirmations process a couple of days later than planned and since then several people have approached Admin and their CO’s as some time later, the first round emails haven’t got through. After some checks and figuring out why, it seems up to half the fleet (at minimum) hadn’t recieved their confirmation info & request email.

To explain what happened – and we’ll try not to be incredibly boring in explaining! – the way we’d set up the confirmation emails was to export all active members who had signed up before January 1st 2023. Knowing our servers can only handle 200 emails sent per hour, and having significantly more than that in our database, we split everything down into reasonable chunks. For example, we had 70 people listed in Scotland for Tesla, and around 140 people signed up to Churchill.

The email itself is a template customised to each unit using BCC to issue to all of that units listed members. Because we can only send 200 emails per hour, we split each mailout into groups of 60-100, ensuring any other communications such as regular Admin, internal mail and CO/Unit mail accounts didn’t experience an issue in sending their regular mailouts.

After cutting it down to nine mailouts, we then set up our email software to send one mail every hour and left it to do it’s thing.

It didn’t do it’s thing. Instead it sent out the mails at random, meaning we passed the allocation on three separate hours and those emails were then bounced back and lost in the great void.

Having now identified the problem, we’re starting over. We have a list of confirmations to get through already, and we have shared the Confirmations form at Europa (CO’s and crew have been encouraged to share to their units at their discretion). Since those who have received are spread out all across the fleet, we’re currently marking off the replies from both email and direct form at Europa, removing those emails from the list and re-issuing the first mailout from tomorrow and Saturday (April 14th & 15th).

This time the mailouts will be done manually without the automation of a timer to send them for us. Due to non-fleet matters (or rather, having a real world job that will take the attention and only one person with the access to the information) this will be done in stages and we hope to begin hourly from 8am tomorrow (14th). Though please be mindful that these can only be sent on “fleet time” due to working schedules so if you don’t receive the re-send immediately, don’t panic!

Because of the issue we will be adding extra time to the finish date. A nice even ten days. So Confirmations should end at midnight on May 23rd. We’ll update information to reflect this as soon as time allows.

Apologies to all for the confusion, but thankfully we know what went wrong, we have a solution and in true Voyager style, we’ll be hitting that reset button!

Thank you all for your understanding!

Adm. James Tyler,
Directof of Fleet Administration
(& Enemy of Automation)

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